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a fine line

Choreography: John Utans
Kenneth Raynor
Music : Beethoven and
Andrew Shultz
Costume design : Shaaron Boughen
Performed by : The West Australian Ballet Company

Perth International Arts Festival,
February 2003

Playing with ideas of romance and danger. A fine line between saying yes and saying no. Of balance and being on the edge. Off balance with the ground beneath you falling away. A piece very much about dancing, encompassing all those things, and taking risks, letting go and playing safe and remaining secure.

" A Fine Line by John Utans is an innovative and edgy ensemble piece…"
Annika Priest, The Sunday Times (WA)

"Uniting his love of classical and modern dance, Queensland choreographer John Utan's [sic] cool, abstract work A Fine Line explores opposite feelings and moods - the narrow boundaries he believes exist between black and white, yes and no. Wearing sleek costumes in electric colours, eight dancers manoeuvre gymnastically around each other in merging pools of light to piano pieces by Beeethoven and Andrew Shultz.
Partnerships are briefly formed as the dancers try each other out for size then decide "no", before politely and calmly walking off stage. Though somewhat of a sombre start to the night, it was powerfully danced by a cast in top athletic form."
Naomi Milett, The West Australian.

Photographs by Jon Green © 2003


Featured Dancers
Benazir Hussain
David Mack
Callum Hastie
Emiliana Lione
Melissa Aurisch
Jayne Cooper
WA Ballet