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the order of things

Choreography and
script :
John Utans
Lighting :
Jason Organ
Music :
Costume design : Shaaron Boughen
Performed by : QUT Creative Industries, Dance.
Brisbane, 2002.
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the order of things is a work for a large group of dancers and two actors. It looks at communication and the relationships we construct with text and image. It is a conversation between two people and at the same time, a dialogue between the dance and the sound. The text becomes the music, working at times in unison, at others in counterpoint. And the juxtaposition of the everyday and the extraordinary. Exploring ideas of Cunningham and Cage. There is beauty in ambiguity and poetry in the real. Playing with words, telling stories, both true and false, funny and sad, big and little. And the evolution of the animal kingdom and the death of a puppy…


Featured Dancers
Kerin Llewellyn
Louise Hartman
Tracy Holden
Elise May
Miki Nemoto