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The Seduction of Liberty

Choreography and direction : John Utans
Lighting design
conceived by :
David Whitworth and John Utans
Lighting design
realised by :
Jason Organ
Music : Karlheinz Stockhausen
Franz Schubert
Costume design : Shaaron Boughen

Performed by QUT Creative Industries, Dance.
Brisbane 2001

There are three main streams of thought that take place in this piece and its creation. Firstly, Winterbranch, a dance work by Merce Cunningham. I saw this at the Adelaide Festival of the Arts in 1976. My memories of it are vivid, falling bodies, the sound, the intense light and the dark. And the fact that people were outraged and tore up their programs whilst storming out of the theatre in disgust. The piece was incredibly inspiring and liberating for me.
Secondly, the work of Caravaggio (1571-1610) and the technique of Chiaroscuro. Caravaggio's highly theatrical use of contrasting light and dark was an inspiration and liberation for many generations of artists.
Thirdly, something about notions of Totalitarianism, living under strict orders and definitions and the collapse of those structures.

Ideas & images: the experience of an oppressive darkness, the experience and clarity of light. A veil has been lifted. A desire and release. Liberation.
The ability to see things in a different light, a clearer light.


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Featured Dancers
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Cath Childs
Sally Winton
Jason Northam