My contemporary classes are based on a wide variety of movement techniques and experiences. Informed by the Cunningham Technique, release work and classical ballet through to improvisation, meditation, yoga and massage. The central aim of the classes are to increase awareness of the total body in motion (and stillness) and to develop a strong and articulate technical base that can be applied to a broad range of movement disciplines.

Classes are structured in such a way that the aims are integrated within sequences and also focussed upon independently. Classes begin with a strong focus on the spine and breath throughout the body and develop towards moving phrases that enable the body to encompass the surrounding space and move beyond it. The technique classes develop both a fluidity and efficiency of movement together with a strong sense of command and control of the body. They allow for the exploration of the smaller, subtler aspects within performance and also the larger, more dynamic and passionate.

Explored throughout the class, in order to develop self-awareness, coordination and stamina, are principles in the use of weight, the ability to fall and recover, the use of a broad range of dynamics and musicality. Emphasis is also given to choreographic and composition structures that assist in developing the dancers skills and abilities to engage and contribute in the creative process.

What I aim for in my teaching is to encourage an alertness of mind and body. To develop a multi-dimensional performer, a thinking dancer. A vital creative artist. To allow a person to achieve a means of expression, to explore potential, whilst maintaining the unique qualities of the individual.

John is available for classes and workshops, choreographic residencies and lecturing. Please contact him for any further information.

photograph by
Leigh Warren © 2003